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Meagan O'NeillMeagan has been a part of the Sexual Health West Team since October 2018. As part of her Masters in Health Promotion from the National University of Ireland Galway she began as an intern with Sexual Health West. Upon completing her MA (Hons) in Health promotion in 2019, she took the role of a WISER Relationships and Sexuality educator. As part of the WISER team Meagan is dedicated to bringing factual, research based, non-judgemental RSE to the West of Ireland.

As part of her professional development Meagan has undergone extensive training in the areas of sexual health and development. She is currently undertaking the HSE Foundation Programme in Sexual Health Education. She has also completed the ACTIVE Consent training, Child First training and is a qualified First Aid responder.

During her masters of Health Promotion from NUIG, Meagan focused on the area of sexual health. Gathering experience as a researcher she explored the perceptions of sexual consent for women in the west of Ireland in her qualitative research study. From this experience, it enabled her to analyse the data from the WISER programme. She is currently in the process of evaluating the data collected from students who have received the WISER programme.

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