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Nicole McGuiganNicole started with Sexual Health West in early 2020 as our Support Services Coordinator. In her role she provides one-to-one support to HIV positive community members and organises group and peer support. HIV support is a focus of Sexual Health West, historically known as AIDS West before their recent name change.

Nicole is also part of the WISER team facilitating the WISER and Little WISER programmes as a Relationships and Sexuality Educator.

Nicole started her career as a social worker in Auckland, New Zealand where she is originally from. Having worked with Family Violence and Child Protection before her move to Ireland in 2003, she has worked with the ISPCC, the Incredible Years Programme, Galway City Partnership, Empowerment Plus, the Strengthening Families Programme and as the Healthy Galway City Coordinator.

During this time Nicole also completed her MA (Hons) in Family Support Studies with NUIG, created the ‘Building a Happy Baby’ campaign in her role as Chairperson of the Galway Parent Network, participated in the Galway City CYPSC, co-wrote and delivered sessions with the Galway Recovery College and been a speaker at numerous events.