Which would you need to get/give consent for?


noun: consent; plural noun: consents

  1. Permission for something to happen or agreement to do something. “no change may be made without the consent of all the partners” synonyms: agreement, assent, concurrence, accord;

verb: consent; 3rd person present: consents; past tense: consented; past participle: consented; gerund or present participle: consenting

  1. Give permission for something to happen. “he consented to a search by a detective”
    synonyms: agree to, assent to, allow, give permission for, sanction, accept, approve, acquiesce in, go along with, accede to, concede to, yield to, give in to, submit to, comply with, abide by, concur with, conform to
    “all the patients consented to surgery”
  2. Agree to do something.
    “he had consented to serve as external assessor on the panel”