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www.bewiser section on ‘Let’s talk about Sex, Gender and Sexuality’ for more information for parents. is an Irish organisation that provides support for LGBTI+ young people aged 14-23 and their parents/carers. Transgender Equality Network Ireland offer a range of support services that aim to increase the well-being of transgender people and their families.

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Online Safety

Pornography & Sexting

Childnet is a UK based organisation that provides support and advice on how to talk to young people of all ages about online Pornography.

The Porn Conversation: gives advice and information for different age groups

Pornography and Sexting:

Other Information

www.bewiser provides parent seminars prior to school delivery for both primary and secondary schools. offers online workshops to parents to help them become more comfortable talking to their young people about all different areas of sex, sexuality and sexual health. She can also be found on Instagram – @iamsarahsproule.