How to decide what condoms to use (plus info on dental dams!)

Condoms that you find in most Irish pharmacies are designed to fit the average penis size in Ireland: 5.1 inches when erect (hard). It is important that you know what size condom suits you. The condom should fit snugly around the base of the erect penis. If it is too tight, you need a wider fitting condom, if it is too loose, you need a slimmer fitting condom. Continue reading to find out more about which condom might suit you!

These condoms are ribbed, dotted or both, to enhance sensation and sensitivity. Some people may find them over stimulating and uncomfortable to use, while others really like them. It is important and that both you and your partner are happy to use textured condoms.

You can get loads of different flavoured condoms. They should only be used for oral sex, as they can cause irritation to the vagina or anus and are designed to be slightly thinner than your average condom.

These condoms are thinner than average and offer more sensitivity.

These condoms are thicker than average, providing extra safety and more peace of mind.

These condoms are larger than average.

These condoms are smaller than average.

This refers to the shape of the condom being more reflective of a man’s natural anatomy, rather than a straight tube.

These condoms slow him down and delay ejaculation. Some people have reported that these condoms can make their penis lose sensitivity while having sex. This is the purpose of these condoms, but it is important to know what you are buying and if you would like them.

These heat up or tingle the genitals over time. Some peoples’ genitals are very sensitive and for these people, these condoms may cause discomfort.

These condoms are designed for people who are allergic to the latex found in latex condoms.

Dental dams are made of a stretchy material such as latex or polyurethane. They come in different colours and they are usually square shaped. Dental dams can be flavoured or unflavoured and can be used with or without lube. They are used to protect people from getting a sexually transmitted infection (STI) of the mouth, throat, vulva or anus. They are used for performing oral sex on the vulva or anus of another person; the dam is placed over the vulva or anus (or both) to create a protective barrier between the mouth and genitals.

Dental dams can be bought in pharmacies or from reputable organisations online. Some STI clinics and sexual health organisations may also have for free.

Yes! Dental dams can sometimes be difficult to find but can be easily made from a latex condom.

The Centres for Disease Control and Prevention provide great instructions here on fashioning and using dental dams!